album cover breathe

Formed from a group of parishioners from varying musical backgrounds, the Color  came together in its current form for a faith-affirming concert, ‘In Christ Alone’, in 2012.  Over the years we have grown from a choir into a family – an extended support network, sharing lots of laughter and, through God’s grace, helping each other grow as musicians and grow in our faith. 

Each member brought something different to the table for this album – Denis Del Castilho (guitarist), his musical intuition and endless jokes.  Dermot O’Dowd (guitarist), his warm, generous encouragement of us all.  Deborah Hutchinson (violinist), her teaching tips to remember rhythms, or get us back to work.  Chris Richards (tenor), his gentle humour, and humility.  A. Stephen Joseph (bass), his affable nature, and deep commitment to our church.  Audra Stevenson Drakes (alto), her ears for harmony and Holy Spirit ‘antennae’, her ability to always find the right song for the right moment.  Monique Ramsay (soprano), her steadfast and peaceful spirit. And Michelle Sambrano (alto), her amazing organizational skills and endless energy and patience to coordinate us into a cohesive group.

With busy families and lives, time spent with our choir has become devotion, deepening our own relationship with God through music, which, through His Grace, we are then able to pass on in our ministry to our church community, and in projects such as this one.

While putting the finishing touches on this recording in March 2016, we suddenly lost our beloved Denis.  More than just a gifted guitarist and the most loving friend one could ever wish for, Denis was a shining example of living faith.  Through his generosity with his talent and time, his humour, humility and big heart influenced lives and music ministry across our diocese.  His absence has left a hole in our hearts, but his deep commitment to serving God continues to influence our music and the lives of the many who knew him.  We know he’s smiling down on us and enjoying the music from way up there.

St. Augustine said that when you sing, you pray twice.  It is our hope that this album draws you closer to He who made all, who made you, and you are able in His presence to simply be, and breathe.